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I am a website designer based in London UK

If you are looking for Web Designers, Web Developer, iPhone App Developer from London then you have come to the right place..

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SK Website Designer understands that every company has a different personality. To communicate that personality visually in a way your customers can connect with is where we come in.

With a catalogue of bespoke designs behind us, we have learnt to tailor our designs to meet client’s needs down to the very last detail. This sort of intricate artwork is handled by SK’s team of experienced web designers whose know-how can bring your ideas to life.

We see the web design process as a joint project. Your insights direct our creativity so we can execute a relevant design, inside out.

SK Website Designer’s broad and integrated services ensure you optimise your budget despite being a small business starting up or are a firmly established company looking inject your site with a dose of originality.

When you hire SK Website Designer, we will set up an initial consultation to gather the fundamental insights we need to start building your new site. Our Web Artists will present you with sketches of ideas for your websites future appearance.

When you are pleased with an idea, SK’s design connoisseurs can initiate the most crucial stage, executing your chosen idea. This will be done utilizing current digital platforms such as Adobe and Illustrator. When you are happy with what you see, our experts will optimise your website using CSS, XHTML and AJAX coding before the final launch.

We will then add the finishing touches to your brand new site, ensuring the finished product is user-friendly and fulfils all of your initial requirements.

Using a combination of high-end technologies for instance Flash, JSP and XML and more affordable tools such as PHP, MySQL and Linux allows us to cater for a diverse range of clientele needs.

Ready for any challenge you bring to our desktop, SK Website Design team are eager to get started on your project. So why don’t you give us a call today and tell us more about what your looking for?

Currently I am working full time as project manager for a web design company DotPeak. I also teach web design course at DotPeak, php courses and wordpress courses and Training Dragon's web design courses.

My experience include working as website Project Leader, Website Designer, Web Developer, Web Project Consultant, digital marketer, iPhone developer, IT Trainer and Freelance web designer.

I hold a Master of Science in Computer Science degree from Uppsala University SWEDEN and also achieved an award of Gold Medalist in Master of Computer Science.

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